Future for Chicago Bulls

The roster for the Chicago Bulls has undergone a complete overhaul compared to two years ago. Now, with a starting lineup of Dunn, LaVine, Parker, Markkanen, and Carter Jr., this roster looks like a playoff team. All five are young, athletic, have the 3 point shot in their arsenal, and are proven scorers, defenders, or rebounders. Unfortunately, the outside never tells the whole story.

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What you did not know was the average age of these five: 22. Even though this team looks stacked, the inexperience this team lacks is unparalleled to nearly any other team in NBA history. In fact, according to Tufts University, the youngest NBA Championship team had an average age of 24.199 years. Statistically, if you do the math, that means this team has at least two years before they could bring Chi-town a championship. Below is a chart listing the youngest NBA teams to win the Finals.


As the chart from https://www.eecs.tufts.edu/~lgenes01/nba/findings.html shows, the Bulls are in dire need of more age and experience before they can make a ‘serious run’ towards the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

Just like the Atlanta Hawks, this Chicago team is absolutely loaded with untapped potential. All five of their core five will probably become All-Stars at different points in their careers. The question that everyone NBA fans have now is when the Bulls will piece everything together. Even with these superb prospects, there is still a very real possibility that this Chicago squad will crash and burn for a second straight season.


There are three facts, though, that must be kept in mind before we write the Bulls off for this season.

#1. The Indiana Pacers were expected to crash & burn during the 2017-18 season, yet took the Cleveland Cavaliers to a Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs.

#2. Sixteen seeded UMBC knocked out first seeded Virginia, in possibly the greatest basketball upset in history.

#3. LeBron James will no longer dominate the East, which means every Eastern Conference team has a chance to reach the NBA finals.

Basically to summarize, anything could happen with the Chicago Bulls. Considering all scenarios, my prediction is that the Bulls will not make the playoffs this year and will end the season with a 35-47 record. Hopefully, chemistry will form between these athletes and they can make a special run this upcoming season, and every year afterwards.


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