Toasting to Summer

Summer… where we ponder which waterpark we can visit next, instead of fretting over our next homework assignment. We’ve made it… but for a short time only. In a matter of months, these warm sunny days will vanquish into cold and dreary nights. Let’s enjoy the present, live in the moment, and enjoy summer to the fullest. Thank you, Summer, for providing us with warmth and sunshine, even though it’s not always pleasant. This time of year, people unite and live care-free under infinite rays of sunshine.

Summer isn’t a picturesque beach scene or a break from school. Summer is a state of mind, where students can relax, take a break, and do what they want.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, but for now we can ‘chill.’ While we are celebrating our two months of independence, let’s stop, drop, and roll. Or just have a cold drink and give a toast to summer: our underappreciated liberator.

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