A Tribute to X


A day that XXXTENTACION fans will never forget

Engraved in their memories is no longer a depressed, yet inspiring rapper. Instead, fans  recall a lifeless and dead human being, shot to death alone, in the drivers seat of his car.

All legal issues and hate comments aside, X was a truly special talent. He touched & spoke on topics that are uncomfortable to discuss, and people felt as if he was truly a part of their life.

He was a deep thinker. He was a counselor for those seeking escape of pain, depression, and misery. He was a caring human, constantly checking on artists in his artistic field. He was underappreciated. He was different.

X never found the love off his life. X was never in perfect standing with the law. X wasn’t even 21 when he died, yet he touched the lives of so many people in a personal way.

No amount of words can express how badly the internet has mourned the loss of X, but he has left us with a gift: his music. Let’s not take that for granted; and when we are feeling upset, depressed, or down, let the music of XXX do what he intended it to do.

Numb. Your. Pain.

A photo of the now dead rapper, XXXTENTACION

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    You are right to say XXX touched the lives of many people, in fact a great example of someone whose life he changed forever was his ex-girlfriend. This “caring human” used to beat her so badly it was determined to be borderline torture. The SAD! part was that he also beat her while she was pregnant and threatened her life and the life of the unborn baby. The fact that other rappers such as Lil Yachty who was quoted as saying “We must support his legacy” shows how far rap has fallen. You say that he was a counselor for people when in fact everything this degenerate stood for were things that would cause people to harm themselves and others. People like XXX are what is wrong with the world because they are viewed as role models by the uneducated youth of the ghettoes in America, who then want to prove they are the toughest on the block by unnecessary violence. Instead of getting “ice on their wrists” they get cuffs on their wrists and become the scum on the shoe of society.


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