A Tribute to X


A day that XXXTENTACION fans will never forget

Engraved in their memories is no longer a depressed, yet inspiring rapper. Instead, fans  recall a lifeless and dead human being, shot to death alone, in the drivers seat of his car.

All legal issues and hate comments aside, X was a truly special talent. He touched & spoke on topics that are uncomfortable to discuss, and people felt as if he was truly a part of their life.

He was a deep thinker. He was a counselor for those seeking escape of pain, depression, and misery. He was a caring human, constantly checking on artists in his artistic field. He was underappreciated. He was different.

X never found the love off his life. X was never in perfect standing with the law. X wasn’t even 21 when he died, yet he touched the lives of so many people in a personal way.

No amount of words can express how badly the internet has mourned the loss of X, but he has left us with a gift: his music. Let’s not take that for granted; and when we are feeling upset, depressed, or down, let the music of XXX do what he intended it to do.

Numb. Your. Pain.

A photo of the now dead rapper, XXXTENTACION

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