Want Spotify Premium for Free? Click HERE to Learn How

No, this is not a joke. Or a prank. This is real, and the secret lies within an app called TweakBox. In fact, free Spotify Premium is just the tip of the ice burg for this app. iMusic is free, Minecraft: PE is free. An advanced version of Instagram where you can have a verified profile and turn your DM read receipts off is free as well. The list of modified apps on ‘TweakBox’ is endless, but I’m here to help you get TweakBox on your phone.

First off, no, TweakBox is not available on the App Store, but it is completely safe to download. For those wondering what ‘TweakBox’ is, ‘TweakBox’ is a modified version of the ‘App Store’ that can be downloaded on your phone. Here’s how you can download it.

1.) Click ‘Safari’ on your phone.

2.) Visit http://www.tweakboxapp.com


3.) Click ‘Download App’ once you have reached the website of ‘TweakBox.’

4.) Click Allow once you have completed step 3.


5.) Choose to Install the profile once your phone has directed you to ‘Settings’


6.) Click the ‘Home’ button and ‘TweakBox’ will appear on your ‘Home Screen.’


7.) Open ‘Tweakbox’ and enjoy! Download any modified app you choose, and reap the benefits for free!


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