Reminiscing on Cafeteria Lunches (the good ones)

Spanish rice- As unappealing as the orange mush looked, Spanish cafeteria rice was an all-time classic. The rice which was scoffed at became a favorite for students throughout all grades. Then suddenly, the rice vanished. Oh Spanish rice, where did you go? We miss you. Oh oh oh, how we miss you…


Hot pockets- Every High School student can recall the packaged goodness from elementary school. Hot pockets were an ultimate staple of the lunch menu. It was an unwritten rule that on Hot pocket day, you didn’t pack your lunch. These legendary entrée’s are the meal for a king.


Bosco sticks (aka Pizza dippers)- Think for a second, these may be difficult to recall. Remember now? The breadsticks with mozzarella cheese in the middle and pizza sauce on the side? Does that ring a bell? These were good, yet, they were forgotten so easily. Somewhere along the line, they were discontinued from the lunch menu, and no one noticed… R.I.P.


Philly cheesesteak- WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, MR. PHILLY CHEESESTEAK? YOUR CHEESY GOODNESS AND TOASTY BUN IS DEARLY MISSED. Please make your return, our stomachs are yearning to digest you.


Mashed potatoes- It seems like yesterday the packaged mashed potatoes were on the menu. Sadly we must be approaching five months since the mashed goodness made its way onto our plastic trays. We remain hopeful, yet skeptical, that we will ever see mashed potatoes again.


Flower-shaped Chicken with Mac-N-Cheese- This. THIS goes way back. Way, way back. The Flower-shaped chicken with the sidekick of Mac-N-Cheese was the ultimate combination. These two were the inseparable duo, like Batman and Robin or Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Somewhere down the line, the unthinkable happened and the ultimate duo evaporated as quickly as it came.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Leo B says:

    Flower Chicken always delivered…I hope he returns from retirement so that future generations may enjoy his interestingly-shaped goodness.


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