Inside Edition: CAL Yearbook 2018

“Pictures. That is the most important piece to a yearbook.” Said Noah S., editor of the up and coming 2018 CAL Yearbook.

Over six-thousand photos have been taken, carefully selected, and delicately placed inside this student-led publication. From collages and all the way to senior ads, these 408 pages will be loaded with snapshots of this year. For those wondering what all goes into a yearbook, I conducted an eleven question interview with the entire yearbook team for curious souls, just like your own.

1.) How many pages of the yearbook does each individual student tend to complete?

“It’s evenly split for sure. There are going to be 408 pages in this years edition, so each student completes around 40 of their ‘own’ pages.”

2.) How do you ensure that there are no errors in the the book?

“Usually, pages are double checked by one of our editors, and then our teacher, Mr. Krebs, reviews the page, essentially making it a triple check.”

3.) What drives the price of CAL’s yearbook to $55?

“Our yearbook is sold very close to the cost of production. The production price is high due to all of the pages and ink involved. In reality, our price is very good.”

4.) Why should high school students purchase a yearbook?

“We put so much hard work into it. The book is also one of those things that can be looked back on from time to time and enjoyed.”

5.) How important is it to have a separate middle school and high school yearbook?

“It is nice because we can have more creative pages than what we normally had. This high school book allows us to cater more towards high schoolers as well.”

6.) What’s the most difficult aspect of creating a yearbook in a student-led class?

“It is definitely having good time management skills and dealing with parents. For new people, though, the most difficult part is having to learn new jobs and miscellaneous things to do for the book.”

7.) For those who don’t know, what are senior ads and why are they in the yearbook?

“Senior ads are basically the main way we fund our yearbook. They are pages in the yearbook that give equal senior acknowledgments and allow parents to write an excerpt about their child who is graduating.

8.) What are some of the most favorite pages to create?

“The cover, YB staff page, back to school page, and the dedication page are some of the most popular. We enjoy any page where we can be extra creative, quite honestly.”

9.) What are the requirements for underclassmen to join Yearbook class?

“For new applicants joining, good grades are very important. Knowledge of knowing how to use photoshops also a preferred skill. People who can work in group projects tend to receive an upper edge as well.”

10.) What was the best part of making the yearbook last year?

“It was cool to see the yearbook come to life last year. The coolest part, though, was walking out of the yearbook room and seeing students open the pages we created and seeing how all the hard-work we put into the book was completely worth it.”

11.) If someone wants to preorder a yearbook right now, what should they do?

“They can visit our link  online and preorder one there!”

Clearly, expectations are very high for this tight-knit class, but our yearbook team is up to the challenge. With thousands of pictures and captions to include in this elaborate book, this squad has a lot of work to complete!

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