Best Hip-Hop Throwback Song of 2017

Ahh, nothing can remind someone of Chris Brown quite like countless run-in’s with public law-enforcement. Ranging from abuse with previous girlfriends, to stealing a cell phone, it’s clear the Chris has not been on his best behavior during his professional career.

What Brown hasn’t lacked, though, is a knack for creating hit music; which has seemingly exonerated him from all illegal altercations.

Releasing hit album X in 2014, one song, “Autumn Leaves,” is still leaving avid music lovers enthralled with its futuristic yet touching and reminiscent sound (Parental Advisory, Explicit Content).

With a feature of Kendrick Lamar, touching vocals from Chris, beautiful lyrics and an enthralling instrumental, this song has a chance of remaining as one of the top songs for centuries to come.

Brown publicly commented about “Autumn Leaves,” saying that the hit single was about ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

In an interview with , Chris said that “Autumn Leaves” was about how, “You put in so much to get so little. Whether it be in relationships or just in life, you work hard for something all the time and get so little, but you still hold on, like the last leaf in autumn.”

With lyrics that hold such meaning and intensity, it’s easy to see why this song is such a hit and Yungwright’s vote for the Best Hip-Hop Throwback Song of 2017.

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