Hope Within Your Routine

7:20 A.M., out of bed

7:30 AM., out of the house

7:50 A.M., inside high school, preparing for class

8:20 A.M., the bell rings and another day begins.

The monotony of life in high school and beyond makes every person weary at some point in time. Waking up early steals a vile of life from inside of us; especially when an alarm yelps at six in the morning, begging us to forbid extra hours of sleep.

This type of high school schedule won’t evade us once we graduate, though. The early mornings of class will begin once more as we venture off to college. When you finally have completed those four labor-exhausting years, you still are not done. Soon thereafter, as adults, we will be thrown into an unforgiving workforce that begs us to use our talents in a small office cubicle.

The early mornings will never vanish, no matter what stage of life you are living. Neither will the stress of due dates, deadlines, or peer pressure. Those things will always remain persistent in our lives. The best way to persevere and find enjoyment out of any situation is to seek out what makes us happy.

Whether that would be making a plethora of friends or creating a simple playlist, small things like these can make your day zoom by quicker than expected. Another easy way to add more excitement to a day is creating a subtle game in class or in your workforce.

Most days will not be easy. Most days will not be a breeze, but finding things that make you happy can put the stress on your life at ease.

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