Three Men Seek Validity and Truth of Scripture

Two grown men, both with clashing religious views, walk into an Applebee’s and encounter a Mormon bartender. Watch their entertaining banter and actions in the video above.

Additional Details:

Video One: Idiots Discuss the Validity of the Bible // Video two: Intelligent Individuals Discuss the Validity of the Bible


Isaac Yoho as Charlie Marwin (the Atheist)

Morgan Light as Brian Roast (the Christian)

and Grant Wright as Tom Happyface (the Mormon)

Directed by: Miguel Jimenez

Characters and Setting

Tom Happyface: Tom is a lifetime Mormon. He recently moved to Virginia from Utah. He is the new bartender at Applebee’s.

Brian Roast: Brian is a fire and brimstone Southern Baptist. He is close-minded and opinionated.

Charlie Marwin: Charlie is an atheist. He officially disowned God when his dog died three days ago and is off to show everyone there is no caring creator, and he has some evidence.

Setting: Bar-top at Applebee’s

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