Mighty Centurions Concede to Defeat, Out of State Tournament

After a glorious victory over DeSales High School, the Centurions acquired their 3rd and final loss of the year with a score of 14-21 against Mayfield High School.

At halftime, the score was tied 7-7 and CAL athletes had serious belief that the game would be in the bag. “We were the better team so we thought we would win, especially at halftime. We did fine during the first half, we just needed to go out and own the second half.” Said a Centurion player who wished to remain anonymous. The game was close throughout and players on both sides felt confident in their chances of winning. It wasn’t until late in the fourth when Christian Academy began to sense imminent defeat. “When we didn’t get the first down on our final drive during the 4th quarter, we realized what was coming for us.” Said the anonymous Centurion.

Both touchdowns for the Christian Academy came from freshman running back Brandt Babin and the extra points were kicked in by Noah Wilcox, the Centurions senior kicker.

Mayfield strategically planned against the success of Centurion wide receiver and future D1 athlete, Milton Wright, by placing two defenders on him throughout the night. Their tactics nearly rendered him useless to the offense of Christian Academy Friday night.

After the battle, “A lot of the our football players were crying. The locker room was very quiet and many hugs went around.” This team had to endure a plethora of obstacles this season, ranging from suspensions to drunk fans shouting profanity at the Centurions for just playing football. “What united our team the most was the one idea that we would reach the final game, but that never happened. We were all heartbroken because of the loss, but someone had to lose and unfortunately that team was us.” Said a second anonymous player for Christian Academy.

The Christian Academy of Louisville Centurions had a 2017 season record of 12 wins and 3 losses. If the Centurions defeated Mayfield, they would have faced Danville High School in the Class 2A State Championship at Kroger Field in Lexington, Kentucky.


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