1 On 1 Interview With Former NFL Quarterback, Stefan Lefors

Recently, I was provided an opportunity to interview former NFL and University of Louisville quarterback Stefan Lefors. Down below are seventeen questions that relate to his background and knowledge of football. Enjoy!

How did it feel to have your jersey from the University of Louisville retired a couple of weeks ago?

“It was cool, it was definitely an honor to be included in a group of players that had previously been honored. It makes you think back on all the memories as a player and all the hard work that I put in.”

Which former UofL player have you kept the most contact with since you graduated UofL?

“Jason Hilliard for sure, because we coach together for CAL. If I’m not including him, it would have to be Dave Ragone and Justin Rascati.”

What are your expectations for the UofL Football team for the remainder of this season and next year?

“As far as the type of bowl game that the Cards will go to, I have no idea. The Cards are playing well though, and had a big win against Kentucky on Saturday. They definitely have a lot of momentum on their side. Next year, it’ll be interesting because the big question mark is going to be what Lamar Jackson does. Assuming he leaves, that’s a lot of production that they’ll lose. It’ll be interesting to see if Jawon Pass will be the guy who takes over. Assuming he does, I’m excited to see what he can bring to the table.”


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Have you received any coaching offers from collegiate schools since winning the Class 2A Football State Championship last year?


What was it like to coach against former UofL quarterback Hunter Cantwell?

“It was cool. Hunter was a freshman when I was a senior and we got to spend a lot of time that year together in the meeting room and on the practice field. He’s going to do a good job there and he did a good job this year. He is a true student of the game. He’ll be great for those kids and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do really well.”

Who’s your favorite player in the NFL right now?

“I’m a big Saints fan, I love the saints. I’m not sure I have one particular favorite player but I love to watch Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady play. I love what they can bring to the table.”

What’s the best pregame snack for a football player?

“A banana and just the right amount of sugar, water, and a cup of Gatorade. Nothing too sweet, though.”

Who’s your favorite NFL team?

“New Orleans Saints.”

Should Colin Kaepernick have another shot on an NFL roster?

“He would bring a lot of distractions on a team. Aside from off the field stuff, I think on the field, he’s a good player and can bring value to your team. I guess in the position of owners and coaches, you have to look at all the potential distractions he would bring and if it would be worth it. You’ve gotta weigh that risk against the reward. If it was my team, depending on what my quarterback situation would look like, if I could afford to not bring him on, I would not.”

Who’s the best NFL coach other than Bill Belichick?

“I love what Mike Tomlin has done in Pittsburgh. It’s hard to argue against what Pete Carroll has done in Seattle as well. I’m also a huge fan of Andy Reid, even though they are struggling right now.”

Who will be in college football playoff this year, now that Alabama has lost?

“This is tough, but I would say Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn, and Wisconsin. Forget Ohio State.”

What are your thoughts on Christian Academy’s upcoming 2019 senior class playing football.. is it the best class yet?

“It’s definitely our deepest class from a numbers standpoint. We’ll have a lot of experience and returning starters. They’ll be up there. Our 2015 senior class was probably the best we’ve had.”

Will Lamar Jackson be the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft?

“I don’t think so, and quite honestly, I don’t know who will have the first pick. I’m guessing Cleveland, but I hope he doesn’t go to Cleveland. It’ll be interesting. The Draft is a funny thing, players can go from being unbelievable and awesome in January to not being able to throw a football whenever the draft comes around. Players are scouted and evaluated so much from January to the draft. Hopefully, he is placed in an ideal position.”

What’s the hardest part of being a football coach?

“I think the hardest part is all of the time taken away from being with my family. A lot of time and hours go into preparation and practice.”

Who was the best football player you have played with or against.

“Two come to mind, Steve smith and Julius peppers. Steve was not the biggest guy in the world. He was small and short, but super explosive. Julius is huge and is just a freak of nature. He’s still playing today and making crazy plays.”

Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time?

“It’s hard to argue against him. It’s also difficult to compare different eras of quarterbacks. But, Tom and Bill have been the only constants on the Patriots team that have won five Super Bowls. I would say yes.”

Is there a player you looked up to the most as a kid?

“Even though I hated the San Francisco 49’ers, I loved Steve young. He was a left-handed quarterback just like me so watching him play was enjoyable.”

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