Louisvillian Artist, Jack Harlow, Catching Fire

Known to his followers as ‘the kid from Kentucky,’ this Atherton high school grad is becoming hot news in the rap field. Releasing his first music in 2014, and now his newest album, Gazebo, Harlow has “come a long way from that Guitar Hero mic.”


With bass that knocks in his car like “elephant feet,” Jack has been re-writing and perfecting his rap game for over five years. He has also been reaching new heights of publicity over the past month. Harlow released his hottest single up to date, “Dark Night,” on October 27th and hasn’t looked back since. Beginning with a slow start, the songs popularity grew and its success was reaffirmed when current hip-hop superstar, and Louisville native, Bryson Tiller, let Harlow know what he thought of “Dark Night.”


After a 17 month wait from his master album of 18, Harlow finally released Gazebo, and it’s safe to say that the album will be a success. Only after several days, Harlow had two songs placed on a Spotify playlist called Most Necessary, and one song on Hot Rhythmic with 1.4 million followers.


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For fans of Harlow since his Handsome Harlow EP in 2015, seeing him begin to blow up is not a surprise. Most would agree that he would get his turn to shine, and it looks like he is in the midst of it. Gazebo, his new album, is a mix of mellow, relaxed, and intense beats with meaningful lyrics in each song. The flow of Gazebo is impeccable. Each piece flows seamlessly into the next, leaving you wondering: am I really listening to a 19 year old? With a handful of dedicated artists working around and with Harlow, he seems to have a bright future.

Looming around the Highlands on the regular, it’s not unheard of to see him strolling through Louisville. It’s inevitable, though, that he won’t be staying here much longer. Big cities such as Atlanta are calling his name to perform and create music on a monthly basis.

Although Gazebo has propelled Harlow to new heights of publicity, Jack hasn’t been a stranger to performing on big stages. He was able to secure a gig at the Forecastle Festival over the summer of 2017, which was one of the biggest performances in his life. Now, with the release of his new album, he has a full tour schedule which you can see down below.


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With the coveted verified badge on Instagram and well over 30k followers, it’s not crazy to think that the ‘kid from Kentucky’ could become the next ‘502 Come Up.’

(Tickets to see Harlow in link below)




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