Road to Rupp: Centurion Basketball

Intense practices and a lot of suicide running are just a few of the steps being taken to improve CAL Men’s Basketball for this upcoming season. “We have plenty of untapped potential, and have the real possibility of hitting 20 wins this season” said Joseph, senior forward of the Centurions. With coach Chad Carr at the helm, and 2013 Final Four standout, Tim Henderson, as assistant head coach, this team has a realistic goal of reaching the final district game.


Lack of experience is what will be plaguing CAL this year. Unfortunately, the Cunturions had a graduating senior class loaded with two 1,000 point club members, three regular starters and key peices to the bench. The graduated seniors, Parker Jones, Jeff Peterson, KC Purvis, Michael Woodward, and Harrison Roberts have placed this team in a difficult predicament, and this season, “we will have to fight through the process and try to build chemistry on the court with our new starters,” said Joseph.


Luckily, the team is not devoid of talent or leadership this year. “Fans will begin to see more of team basketball with extra passes and extended opportunities for players to showcase their talent.” Joseph also added “with new transfers and five seniors on the team, everyone will get their chance. We had a completely different system last year, and now that’s gone, so we’re forced to go in an entirely new direction. It’s a different style, but we’ll get used to it.”

Of course, the Men’s Centurion Basketball team has never made the Kentucky State Tournament before, but it’s something that the school system of Christian Academy has envisioned ever since they opened the basketball program.


With their mindset of “pass first and shoot second,” this team could be well on their way to play their first ever State Tournament at Rupp Arena during the month of March.

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