Why Facial Hair Should be Embraced at School

A beard can be nice to have, especially if one can pull off the look. With a peak in puberty during the teen years of a male, the scrutinization of facial hair should not be looked down upon, but rather seen as a milestone of growth in a life. With rules to follow, assignments to complete, tests to pass, and a social life to keep up with, why add an extra burden and make a poor teen shave? Some people look professional with a beard.


With dress codes restricting growth of facial hair, teenaged boys may feel frustration and discomfort because they are not allowed to present themselves in the way they wish to be viewed. With the majority of teenagers feeling insecurities, this is just another restriction that mounts on their back.

Facial hair is a product that the human body produces, so why penalize students for something that grows out of their control? Why cut if off, just for it grow back in a matter of time between four hours to three days? With all of the equality movements, talks, and campaigns, why are teachers permitted to grow & groom hair on their faces, but students cannot? Even some our greatest leaders have grown and kept facial hair such as Abraham Lincoln, LeBron James, Chuck Norris, and Santa Claus.

With those legacies in mind in mind, think about this question: why penalize teenagers in school for facial hair?

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    YES! End the tyranny of school administrators in America.

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