The Top Six Fast Food Restaurants, Ranked

Let’s end the debate, now.

This list is not based off of each restaurants total revenue. It’s not even based off of how many franchises each chain owns. This list is all about the quality and taste of  each restaurants food.


6.) Domino’s Pizza: Seven years ago, this restaurant would’ve been on the Not Top Six Fast Food restaurants. Somehow, they flipped the script and became a completely different animal. With pizza that hits the spot, brand new wings, and some delicious pasta, Domino’s Pizza is now a chain to be reckoned with. If Domino’s Pizza keeps up this kind of progress, they could become a top three chain in only a matter of years.


5.) Subway: Since the world-renowned ‘5 Dollar Foot Long Sub’ came into existence, Subway has seen profit margins skyrocket. Even with their infamous endorser, Jared Fogle, going to prison for engaging in inappropriate conduct, sales have not gone down and their fresh Italian flavor has still been maintained. With great tasting sandwiches that taste the same no matter which chain you are at, no one regrets spending their money here.


4.) Chick-fil-A: “Ohhhh Chick-fil-A, if you were only closed on Saturdays too..” said no one ever! Geez, this restaurant is a gold mine, until you wake up on Sunday and realize you can’t catch breakfast there because it’s Sunday. Real talk though, the chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits here are delectable, especially when paired with a chocolate shake. Chick-fil-A, I will love you forever though, if you decide to open shop on Sundays.


3.) McDonald’s: Ahh, the restaurant which every child dreams about, most teens scoff at, and prices that parents druel over. McDonald’s, whether you like it or not, has become an affordable and tasteful dictator of fast food. Their French fries are some of the best in the industry, and their McFlurry has been quick to become children’s favorite menu item. They will hold a spot on this list for a very long time.


2.) Wendy’s: Although a close call, Wendy’s must fall at #2. Their critically acclaimed ‘Frosty,’ has become a classic and a staple dessert. Their four for four value meal is also a game-changer. Yet, even with their sea-salted French fries and subpar burgers, there is only one restaurant that could top this monster.


1.) Dairy Queen: This restaurant would be nothing without their famed ‘Blizzard’. These one-of-a-kind ice cream ‘Blizzards’ are absolutely excuisite. With over 40 different types to choose from and a burger with fries to top it off, there’s nothing that screams America like a DQ meal.

No need for debate, now. It has all been settled. Thank you for reading, and if you feel so strongly that I have made a mistake, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    You must be crazy to say DQ is number one!The only thing that is good there are the blizzards. McDonald’s is still the powerhouse of fast food and until another company can top the prices and the well rounded menu.


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