Breaking: Eric Bledsoe Traded to Bucks

The disgruntled Eric Bledsoe has finally gotten his wish, as he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks early Tuesday morning. A trade which included Greg Monroe & a 1st round draft pick sounds like a victory for both teams on the surface, but this trade does not benefit the Suns, at all. And I would go as far to say that it doesn’t help the Milwaukee Bucks, either. The Phoenix Suns have a logjam at power forward and center. With the likes of Alex Len, Tyson Chandler, T.J. Warren, Marquese Chriss, Alan Williams and a potential big man in Josh Jackson, this trade only complicates the struggles that Phoenix is having with the addition of Greg Monroe.

But hey, good for Eric.


This trade also places the Bucks second-year guard, Malcom Brogdon, out of his starting position. The Bucks wanted Brogdon to be a major foundation piece within their organization, but have now traded for a veteran guard to take his place. Sure, the Bucks gained some depth and scoring in the guard spot, but shoving Brogdon to the backup and Dellavadova to the third string spot shouldn’t have been the answer.

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    Quality reporting on this article.No disagreement here!

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