5 Reasons Why the Minnesota Timberolves Won’t Make the Playoffs in 2018

With recent acquisitions of All-Star guards Jimmy Butler & Jeff Teague, it sounds crazy that a team overflowing with talent couldn’t make the playoffs; but you heard it here first. A starting lineup of Jeff Teague, Andrew Wiggins, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and Karl Anthony-Towns seems as deadly as the Golden State Warriors famed ‘Death Lineup.’

Their main issue boils down to two words: ball movement. The Warriors have some of the best ball movement in the NBA, especially with the likes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green who are all more-than-willing to make an extra pass.

The Timberwolves, on the other hand, don’t have men on their team that are consistently looking to make that extra pass for an easier bucket. With no true point guard, this team has begun to look like a glorified team playing pickup basketball.


Despite this, they’re winning basketball games and are on a five game winning streak. Standing at 7-2 in the NBA, most of the NBA is surprised. Gosh, this league is complicated.

Five Reasons Why the Timberwolves Won’t Make the 2018 NBA Playoffs

5.) The T-wolves are a score-first NBA team with a head coach who idolizes defense

4.) Tom Thibodeau and the T-wolves didn’t make the Playoffs last year and had a dismal record of 31-51

3.) Minnesota lacks a true point guard who can effectively distribute the ball

2.) Minnesota hasn’t made the playoffs since 2005. Do some math-that is 12 freaking years

1.) This team doesn’t have a bench to sustain the level of play the starters can produce


The Tivberwolves do have beautiful new uniforms, though.

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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    Bleacher report actually says the Twolves will finish fifth in the west and if I remember correctly eight teams in the West make the playoffs. You do the math five is less than eight. The Twolves are in this year!

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